Our Story

Not long ago, our friend Josh asked if he could shoot our story. I naively assumed he meant our “cancer” story. When he sent us the questions we would use for our interview, I cried. He wasn’t planning to tell just the story of our last few years, but our whole story.  I think after being lost in the identity of “cancer patients,” I’d forgotten that we have a whole story. How good it was to be reminded that we, as people & as friends, are remembered.

The experience was new for us. One afternoon, our little living room transformed into an impressive studio, and we sat and reminisced as if it were any normal day on our couch. This is what he did with our nervous answers, our heavy memories, and our words of gratitude. This is the great unveiling of our story, beautifully told by Simple House Media.

After you watch, go ‘like’ the Simple House Media page and then leave a comment below. As a ‘thank you’ for reading and watching, those that do both will have a chance at a free copy of Love Does. I’ll draw Friday (5/23/14) morning. 🙂

***Congrats to my friend, Elizabeth Kibbons! Her name was picked for a copy of Love Does! Thanks to everyone who read, watched, and commented. ***


8 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. “….and I’m ok with that.” sums it up, doesn’t it? God has taken such good care of you both. I will continue to be amazed at HIS goodness as your story continues. I love you both. The video, superbly done, gives the world just a glimpse of HIS love. Thank you Josh.

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  2. So beautifully done!! I am so blessed to call you and Mitch dear friends. I pray that y’all, as soulmates/best friends, continue to grow together and love each other unconditionally.

    **love and hugs** to you both 🙂

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