Join Me?

Back in November, I purchased  several copies of Love Does by Bob Goff. The impact this book has had on me and the way I do life is so great, that I have decided everyone and anyone who hasn’t read it, needs to. And, by golly, if I have anything to do with it, THEY WILL!


I decided to email Bob. (Anyone that reads the book will understand just how accessible he is – his phone number is on the last page!) I told him I wanted to help and needed to know how I could purchase copies of the book to best benefit Restore International. (We don’t want proceed money going to big bookstores if it can go directly to the kids.) He readily obliged and directed me to the online store. Within the week, my not-so-little brown box arrived and I was giddy.

My plan is this: Fill people’s lives with love – the whimsical kind.

So, if you are lacking a book of your own, please, do let me know. I will give one to you! I’m convinced that once you’ve read it, you’ll want to “do ” love too. If you pay for your copy, I’ll use your payment to turn around and purchase more books. The more copies I can order, the more I give out, the more support we can funnel into rescuing these kids from trafficking and loving them into a better future.

I gave out most of that first shipment without much promotion at all. This book just kind of…does that.

If you’d like, visit their store. They have more than books for sale and all the proceeds directly benefit Restore International. Even if you don’t purchase anything, click the link and read about these people. It will make your heart soar.



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