Let it Be: Amended

It amazes me. I hadn’t even had a thought to ask for relief…but He gave it anyway.

After posting, I went to get us dinner from Cracker Barrel. (Good ole comfort food! I also purchased a little Willow Tree figurine I’ve had my eye on…) When I returned, I was pleasantly surprised to discover we have Jan as our nurse tonight. She came and chatted with us as we ate. She told us how glad she was for us that we were able to go to St. Louis and that we are in remission. She told us that a few of her patients had just recently been to Barnes and are now home doing well.

THEN, Yolanda came in as our tech…she was feeling particularly chatty and told us about a few miracles that had taken place over the the last few weeks on H7.

My spirits are lifted.


My little reminder.
She’s free.

“…just as He cares for the birds, how much more will He remember us?”


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