“Oh, wow… There’s such a presence in this room. You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve felt such a presence; [tears up] it’s wonderful… [She looks at our cards] you have some powerful people praying for you.” – Katherine,  Nurse

Yesterday was GRAND. Dr. Hutchins came in to tell us that he (Mitchell) is being a boring patient (a very good thing!) After her report, she asked if there was anything else she could help us with; we wanted to know when his numbers would be high enough to go outside.

“Oh! He can do that now.” (I think both of our hearts fluttered instantly.) “In fact, we encourage it…If you want, you can wait till that antibiotic is done and ask them to unhook you.”

WHAT! He can go outside and be free of the IV?! I asked about wearing a mask…

“Nope. Research has proven they don’t really do anything. Hand-washing is really the best thing…sometimes our nurses like to ‘do’ things, so they tell patients to do extra, just to be sure. But really, you don’t need a mask.”

Oh dang! This news lit up our world. So, we got him unhooked, and after a shower and some “real” clothes, we were strolling through places he’d never seen: the visitor elevators, the Lobby Cafe, the parking deck “garden,” the piano (it was covered and silent for the weekend), and the “pond” outside the Psychiatric Institute.

The weather was absolutely perfect – mid-70’s, crisp blue sky, sporadic clouds, warm sunshine and a sweet breeze. Soul-soothing perfection. It was exactly what we needed.

(Side note: while we were out, we saw several “Secret Service-looking” suits. We formed our own hypotheses regarding whom they were escorting. It was good fun.)

It was an excellent Sunday; that time of soaking in the rays and breathing in the breeze was one of the best worship services we’ve ever been a part of. We were surrounded. My insides overflowed with joy. (We prayed a little prayer that we could have a day or two like it when we get home!)

I love seeing my husband again. That part of him that had crawled inside and hasn’t been able to come out because he was too weak. He’s becoming himself again and it makes me giddy. I pray that we continue to improve and this biopsy next week comes back clean. We want to hear the word “remission!”

Whatever Jesus did in us yesterday, it was enough to sustain us for now. But isn’t that how it works? He takes care of today; we needn’t worry about tomorrow? Absolutely.

The way he’s surrounded us so far is undeniable, and we aren’t the only ones to notice (see quote).

We know that you’re praying too.


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